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Greening Hill Road Winners Announced

October 05, 2018

This morning I had the pleasure of judging artwork produced by students from Lurnea Public School and St Francis Xavier Primary School. This artwork was produced by year five and year six students in collaboration with a local Indigenous artist. The six winning artworks will be laser printed onto steel frames to be displayed on Hill Road, Lurnea.

I warmly congratulate the following winners: 

  • Zamantha Almario (artwork: Bulmiya) 
  • Voka Leifi (artwork: Journey Lizard) 
  • Zahira Johnsen (artwork: Plappy Platapus) 
  • Shelby Luppino (artwork: Mardilladhan Baragarang) 
  • Shivana Chipman (artwork: Cockatoo) 
  • Emily Seeto (artwork: Guru Gan - Long Snake) 

The project is a partnership between the two schools, Liverpool City Council, and the Stronger Communities Grants Program administered by my office. The Hill Road precinct in Lurnea will be transformed by increased greenery, the children's artwork, and new landscaping inspired by colours of Indigenous Australia. 

This project is especially important to me, as Lurnea is not just in the electorate of Werriwa - it is also my home. I am so proud to have grown up in Lurnea. This is a wonderful community. I want everyone who lives in Lurnea to feel the same pride in where they live.

Greening Hill Road is an incredibly important project. Hill Road is a key thoroughfare for those people who live in Lurnea. They deserve to feel great about their surroundings. This community has provided feedback to Liverpool Council that this area of Lurnea could do with some rejuvenation. The Greening Hill Road project will provide amenities and green space for residents. It will also provide an exciting new community focus within the area.

This project will add an incredible sense of life into the community. It gives local students a wonderful chance to contribute to the face of their local community in a meaningful way. Those artworks that are displayed will be enjoyed for generations to come.

We want our local children to feel pride in the streets of the Lurnea community and these artworks will do just that. I hope that all young people are participating in this project feel incredibly proud of their contribution towards beautifying their community.

I acknowledge the creative and passionate input by Liverpool Council. I personally look forward to driving down Hill Road on my way to work and seeing this project injecting more life into our surroundings.